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OOH Take Another Look
OOH Take Another Look

The media landscape and marketers requirements have changed dramatically in recent years. Traditional media such as print, radio and television have seen dramatic erosion in their audience delivery due to the onset of various technologies.

The Internet has forever changed the newspaper industry. News consumers no longer must wait for a physical paper to be delivered to their driveway in the morning. At best, the newspaper is yesterday's news. In some dramatic News instances, like OOHweather emergencies or what the Kardashians are doing, observers to an event are Tweeting information in real time. This same immediacy has negatively impacted radio and television.

Information has become instant due to the onset of the ubiquitous smart phone. Consumers, particularly younger, highly mobile, affluent individuals, use their phones to check news, offers, Twitter, text, Facebook and occasionally talk to each other. These individuals use smart phones to serve as their own personal shopper, to get reviews, deals and comments from peers on many of their purchase decisions.

This paradigm shift in consumer behavior affords marketers a unique opportunity. Due to this highly mobile society, outdoor advertising can provide a point of contact where consumers shop, work and play.

Posters are located in areas where this mobile society moves, providing an excellent opportunity to "drive search " on mobile devices. Posters reach out to consumers with offers, suggestions, and invitations for connection and engagement.

The Outdoor Advertising Industry has more information about audience delivery than ever before. The Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) Out of Home Ratings system, powered by "Eyes On " research, delivers information about the likelihood of a passerby seeing each and every Poster, not merely opportunity to see. This ascension from "opportunity to see" to "likely to see" data is coupled with demographic data for each display, allowing a Local Poster buy to be even more effective and efficient.

Norton Outdoor Adverting invites marketers to "take another look " at Posters. Investing in a well placed campaign of Posters offers the marketer local engagement with its mobile audience when they are out of home close to buying opportunities.


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