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Arbitron Study: OOH Delivers Social Conversations

Rushmore Project


Out of Home (OOH) Advertising is a Social Conversation Igniter!

In March of 2013, the OOH industry conducted a test study, called “Project Rushmore.”  This project proved how powerful OOH can be in igniting digital and social media activity.  We are pleased to provide a summary of this project.

Project Rushmore

What is Project Rushmore?  Answer:  A study of the ability of OOH to drive online search, website visits and social media activity.

Project Parameters:   Test campaign in 4 markets: Cincinnati, Sacramento, San Antonio and Phoenix.

· Phoenix was only market not to show the site URL
· Cincinnati: 6 Bulletins, 5 Digital Bulletins, 31 Posters

Campaign officially ran March 4 - 29, 2013.

The campaign encouraged the public to go online to a website created exclusively for the project at, and vote for the next face added to Mt. Rushmore – “George W. Bush”, “Barack Obama” or “Neither.”

Key Findings & Results*:

· OOH media delivers 3X more online activity per ad dollar vs. TV, radio & print.

· OOH generates roughly 5X the media activations per dollar spent vs. TV.

· 57% used a mobile web browser on a smartphone or tablet to vote.

· Cincinnati had the HIGHEST WEBSITE TRAFFIC: 15% of all traffic.

· Campaign went viral: nearly 2/3 (62%) of website visitors were from outside the 4 metro areas that had the OOH campaign.

· Visitors from all 50 states
· Viral traffic concentrated mostly in large metro areas or areas in relative local proximity to where the campaign ran

Referral traffic: 37% from social networks - Facebook accounted for 79% of this traffic.   Almost 7,000 Facebook users saw content related to Rushmore Vote, even if they didn't go to the official website.


Conclusion: OOH significantly outperforms TV, radio & print in starting social conversations.

Who won?  69% voted to leave Mt. Rushmore the way it is.


*Information above is from “Project Rushmore 2013: Out-of-home Advertising and Online Activations”
© 2013 Arbitron Inc. 


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