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What's the Norton Advantage?

First, a little background.

Did you know that outdoor advertising is now bought and sold using TAB Out of Home Ratings?  

The OOH industry has shifted away from daily effective circulation counts, which provided an "opportunity to see" measurement, to EOIs (Eyes On Impressions), which provide measurements of the likelihood to note a display.

The Traffic Audit Bureau (TAB) synergized research done by 6 different research companies, to calculate TAB Out of Home Ratings for each display offered by member companies.  In addition to the likelihood to see advancement, Eyes On ratings are available for dozens of different demographic segments, allowing media buyers, advertisers and outdoor companies alike to target specific demographic profiles.

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The Norton Advantage details.

If you follow us on Twitter (@NortonOutdoor), you'll know we tweet about the #NortonAdvantage. 

#NortonAdvantage is our way of letting you, our clients, know that our Poster plant is the highest-rated plant in the market (based on the latest TAB OOH Ratings calculations, adults 18+). 

Our Poster plant is rated 15% higher than our competition!


The Norton Advantage gets even better.

The higher the household income, the greater the poster TAB Out of Home Rating. Based on the latest TAB data release:

• In households with income $100-149K+, the Norton poster plant is rated 23.2% higher than our competition.

• In household with income $150K+, the Norton poster plant is rated 26.1% higher than our competition.


Click below to learn more:

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