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In today's fast paced environment consumers have mere seconds to take in your design, maximize your impact!

Remember who you are designing for: don't forget your target audience!

Focus on one SIMPLE idea

Make it memorable: humorous ads tend to receive the most favorable response from viewers.

The rule of thumb for copy: 7 WORDS or LESS!

Three "elements" work best: one large image, a tag line and a logo.

A good rule to follow: print your design on letter-size paper, tape it to a wall and step back about 4 feet - if you can't read it clearly, you won't be able to read it once it's printed & posted!

Create visual impact with contrasting colors.

Designing for digital billboards is drastically different than traditional static displays: think of digital as an internet or tv ad - rich colors, layered backgrounds, glows, shadows and gradients will create stunning visuals!

With digital billboards, it's imperative that you stay away from white backgrounds: in LED technology, white is a combination of all colors rather than the absence of color (as in print); white appears muddy and less brilliant on these displays.

Want to see award-winning creative? Click here to go to the OAAA's Creative Library.



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