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Digital Billboard Helps Nab Serial Bank Robber

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Cincinnati, OH, August 12, 2010 – The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) and the FBI teamed up to capture a serial bank robber, who is accused of at least 25 bank robberies in 13 states since 2008.

OAAA members nationwide donated time on nearly 2,000 digital displays in over 40 states to post a "Wanted" message, including surveillance photos of the suspect, starting on August 2, 2010. Michael Francis Mara, 52, of Baton Rouge, La., a/k/a the "Granddad Bandit," was arrested on August 11, 2010.

U.S. Attorney Neil MacBride in the Eastern District of Virginia credited the billboards with helping catch Mara. Additionally, the following quotes are from the FBI:

"This arrest would not have been possible without the assistance of civic-minded citizens and the publicity provided by radio stations, print media and the coordination of digital billboards by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America," said FBI SAC Morehart.

"Hello! I am re-issuing this alert as a way to let everyone know that the Grandad Bandit was arrested today as a direct result of information provided during the digital billboard publicity campaign. We have informed the media of this. If you would like to re-run the alert with a 'Captured' banner you are welcome to do so. FBI is very grateful for the excellent assistance provided through the digital billboard alert network." Chris Allen; 202-324-5681;

Like many other OAAA member companies, Norton Outdoor Advertising has partnered with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, to run every AMBER Alert that is posted in the region. Additionally, Norton Outdoor has volunteered to partner with the FBI and local authorities, to donate digital space in the event of potentially dangerous criminal or terrorist activity and other events that are potentially dangerous to the public at large.


Norton Outdoor Advertising is Cincinnati's family owned and operated outdoor advertising company.  In business since 1949, Norton offers more than 900 boards in the market to satisfy your advertising plan, including Junior Posters, Posters, bulletins, trivisions and a network of digital displays.  For more information, visit



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